About AP Environmental Science


Course:  Advanced Placement Environmental Science
Instructor: Mr. Scott Danville, danville.scott@bcsdk12.org email me with any questions!

Advantages of taking AP Environmental Science

  • AP Environmental science is a nationally accepted course like AP Calculus, AP English, AP World History, or AP Psychology
  • You can receive 4 SUNY (State University of New York) credits for only $96
  • 20 hours of Services Learning are built into the course
    • Great for college applications and Honor Society
  • APES is about proposing solutions for environmental problems and supporting your ideas with evidence as a critical aspect of what AP Environmental science is all about.
  • Don't expect the class to be all about science, there is a social science component as well as economic, and political elements that are capitalized on at conferences AP
    • Environmental science students participate in as well as helping inform students for Model U.N. and Harvard U.N.


Field Trips

  • Participation in two-day U.N. breakout-session style Climate Conference at the Wild Center, staying in Lake Placid
  • Many Field Trips to Whiteface Mountain, The Wild Center, Lake Placid and other places over the course of the year.

What about the AP Environmental Science Test?

  • The AP Environmental Science exam is usually the first week in May
  • Section 1: 80 multiple choice questions (60%) 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Section II: 3 Free Response questions (40%) 1 hour 10 minutes
  • Receiving 3 (out of 5) gives the student 4 nationally accredited college credits for $96
    • Note: there is also a $34 fee reduction that may be applied if you qualify